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ZERO: Akira / Makoto by amashimono ZERO: Akira / Makoto by amashimono

"They say that the last thing you hear before your vision blacks out is a distant chime of a jingle."

:iconakirapimpplz: :iconpimpakiraplz:
icons made by the amazing =numibata

6/18/2013 updated history and personality as well as rewritten some things that I was not satisfied with.
revamped 4/25/2013 [LV 10 revamp] full refs:
updating history and probably rewriting personality to be more clear soon-ish


N A M E :
    Akira (chosen by his former superiors, but he decided to keep it since he's not quite comfortable with others knowing his real name), Makoto (original name, only known by a few)

D. O. B :
    aug 8th

A G E :

G E N D E R :

H E I G H T :
    185 cm / 6'1

O C C U P A T I O N :
    owner and chef of a small restaurant in zone 2 called "Cerulean Perfection"

    He handles the place entirely by himself, seeing as it's pretty small and rarely gets too crowded. The lower floor is the restaurant, and the upper floor is where he lives. The inside of the restaurant is simplistic, with three tables for two (that can be joined together to hold more people), and a bar where you can sit and chat with the chef as he cooks. The interior is painted a soft off-white, with smooth surfaces in cerulean, and accents in chartreuse. The name of the place was picked by Floyde.
    He managed to earn enough to buy the place with his previous bartender /host job due to good pay and generous tips (and... extra service let's not go into detail); as for cooking, he had learned when he was still a child (being the closest to a female in the family), and he's been taking lessons from the head chef at the Paradise resort ever since he started working there. He's not exactly a top-notch chef, but he has a passion for cooking, and the quality is high enough to keep the restaurant going without a problem.

Z O N E :
    Zone 2

D E M O N I C W E A P O N :
    [ blitz breaker ]
    Sniper rifle | magic | lightning element
    Can shoot concentrated spheres of magic energy demonstrating itself as the lightning element; depending on the power used for the shot and the location it is shot at, can cause from anything from shooting pain, cramps, spastic convulsions or death (for example, a weak shot to the chest may cause a convulsion, breathing difficulties and/or minor heartbeat irregularities, while a strong enough shot would mean instant cardiac arrest if it hit full-power right on.)
    The stronger the shot, the longer it takes to aim and recharge; after every shot, his eyesight decreases a little, making the top number limited (limit = lvl +2). Eyesight resets every time he re-enters ZERO.
    The binocular part of the gun has a zooming-in function to aid in locating the target and aiming (simple aiming aid). It also assists in aiming to the monster when he's already blind, so he can still battle against them, just can't function normally.

P E R S O N A L I T Y :
    self-centered | willful | moody | good actor | destructive | "corrupted" | flirtatious | affectionate | contradictory | childish

    Akira used to be extremely caring and devoted to his family, but having killed his father and cut all contact with the rest, he had tried to close off that part of his personality and replace it with a more destructive outlook, causing both to interfere and contradict each other. In general, his destructiveness prevails, but in certain situations, his original personality shines through.
    He hates authority and the feeling of being restricted, and the same goes for feelings of "love /affection" and relationships since he feels restricted by them. He's not above friendships with benefits or casual intercourse, but will never pursue relationship or get attached to someone just because of that. It's a rare occurence for him to actually get attached to someone, but when he does however, he becomes oddly affectionate and touchy-feely although might still have issues expressing his feelings through words - because they're actual feelings, not just acting.
    Most of the time, he just does whatever he likes; in short, that entails being an insufferable self-centered arrogant douche towards pretty much everyone, intentionally saying certain things or acting in a certain way to see people react. When in Zero, that means that unless he needs to be careful about his shot limit, he will turn on fellow zeroes, going by priority of who he'd like to see in pain. He rarely allies with others, but is willing to do it if it proves beneficial to his interests.
    When he's at work, he puts on a flawless mask - he is polite, eloquent and always smiling; he might say a strange thing now and then, but he does his job well, and more often than not causes a customer to become fond of him and keep on coming for more. He also rarely rejects any work-related requests; he fulfills more or less everything he's asked to, although he might do it his way, ending up with the manager not always being pleased with the result. He is much less pretentious at his new job, although there is still some fakeness present in his smiles, but there traces of honesty there because cooking and seeing people enjoying the meals he makes truly does make him happy.
    He's good with words, and doesn't accidentally say anything; everything he says has a meaning or some sort of ulterior purpose behind it. He's not above insulting someone though - if he's not at work, he's horribly blunt to the point of outright rude, and doesn't really give a fuck about anything to the point where he'd intentionally say things to make people react. (He wants to break people, to see them squirm, oh yes. Such delicious expressions they make.)
    He considers himself "corrupted" and "tainted beyond repair", and is torn between marveling at those who have still retained some sort of innocence even as Zeroes and wanting to bring them down to his level.

    update [1/22/2013]
    In the recent months, Akira's personality has softened significantly; while still is derisive and destructive towards strangers, he is starting to occasionally feel bad for causing people's expressions to distort in pain, rather than bask in the glory of breaking them. Additionally, he's developed a soft spot for children, most notably zeros younger than himself; this is mostly due to the fact that they cause him to remember things he wishes not to, and makes him firm in his belief that someone who still has so much life before them shouldn't be tainted by something so cruel as this game is.
    In front of certain people (most notably Floyde, but also Nyx), he is gradually becoming more like he used to be - overly caring, devoted and extremely touchy-feely, as well as simply cheerful and appreciative of every day that he gets to spend with them. This is rather explicitly expressed in his request to Floyde to call him by his real name when alone /not in public.
    He seems to be gradually warming up to people in general, with Floyde and Nyx there to bring down his defences, and he has learned to team up in fight when needed (Halloween Haunted House), although he still might prove a very unwilling team member if you don't let him decide the strategy.

    update [6/18/2013]
    With recent development, and him finally forming some proper bonds, the emergence of the personality that he believed he had thrown away has become a more common occurence, and one could say that his current character is a mix of "Akira" and "Makoto" in terms of how he acted when using those names. In front of the people he cares about (Nyx), he is closer to how he used to be, although he obviously cannot ever go back completely due to experiences he had between then and now. It seems that the two separate selves of him existing at different points of time are now gradually merging in one; he's willful and self-centered but extremely affectionate and devoted to those who earn it.
    The death of his lover affected him greatly, to the point of breaking down and thinking he'd be better off dead as well - but thanks to Nyx slapping some sense into him, he's finally been able to face it and is slowly coming to terms with it. He's still mourning, which shows as him being an even worse insufferable jerk towards pretty much everyone, and he's returned to his habit of sleeping around in order to dull the pain of loss.

H I S T O R Y :
    Akira, or more accurately, Makoto since that had been his name up to relatively recently, was born somewhere in the outstretching dullness of Zone 4. His father, a profane priest, was of Japanese descent and led a shrine, while his mother originated from a worker's family of Zone 2 with origins mixed up to the verge of irrecognition. He was born as the youngest of four brothers, and had always been bullied by his older brothers as a child since their age gap was small enough to cause dispute but large enough for them to be stronger. They shunned him for his looks and physical frailty, and teased him for his slightly feminine face that got many thinking he was a girl. Due to that, combined with father's disappointment at the fact that he had no daughters, he was pushed into the role of the shrine maiden, performing all sorts of duties and even wearing female clothes and jewelery for the sake of pleasing his father.
    The whole shrine maiden business didn't exactly help to calm the bullying; rather, it increased it. So it was around this time that he had gotten used to climbing pretty much everything; being frequently bullied and beaten wasn't exactly something you'd just stand calmly, and as he had been unable to defend himself, he had to think of a way to escape. With his lithe agile body, he had no trouble climbing trees to the thinnest branches where no one could reach him, and soon he realised that heck, if he could climb trees, he could climb anything. And so he did; fences, poles, buildings - if it was climb-able, he'd climb it, and if it wasn't, he'd try anyway. And more often than not, he would succeed.
    At first, he didn't really mind playing the girl as long as it meant the family was happy; he had gotten used to it, and even though the bullying increased when no one was around, he could now escape it, and when adults were around, his status protected him. But as he grew, the duties burdened him, and he felt caged by the shackles of tradition and his duties as a part of the priest's family. Not to mention that he was slowly growing into his manhood, and yet was still treated like a girl... many times, he would try and explain that he can't go on like this, that he wants a life of his own, but... as years passed, his father became more and more demanding, blinded by his ideal depiction of shrine priest's family and duties, and grew violent when his words were not obeyed. His mother could not help him either; all she did was stay silent and blindly obey the father, the head of the family, to keep the dispute from growing.
    Makoto was torn inside; he had always wanted to be there for his family, to help out and make them happy, but at the same time, this was costing him his own life... did he not have the right to choose his path? And there was also father, who with years grew more and more unstable; one day, he'd be the sweetest person imaginable, the next day he'd trash and shatter half of their home in his fury. He could not deal with that anymore.
    And so, at the following year's pilgrimage to the nearby sacred mountain that had always been taken up by the head priest and the shrine maiden year after year, he saw his chance at life. The slopes were steep and often abruptly ended in cliffs that didn't seemed to turn into an endless abyss if you looked downwards; should one fail to watch their step, death would be imminent.
    From that pilgrimage, only the son returned, bearing dreadful news of the head priest's unfortunate fall from the highest cliff of the mountain.

    No one ever openly blamed him, although there were lingering gazes of suspicious, and hushed whispers that died out when he passed; but there was no proof as to what happened, and even the body had never been found, let to rot in the heart of the mountain. He didn't care what they said, though; this was his chance. This was his rebirth. One sacrifice for the burden of many lives lifted off; one life, already waning, for a new, fresh life in it's fullest with all the potential strewn before him. The choice had been obvious, and he'd have to have been an idiot not to have taken that opportunity.
    He didn't stay long in his hometown after that; and truth be told, no one even expected him too. Despite the fact that it raised even more suspicions - since it was just so handy for him to be released from the shackles of his father's will - he moved away without as much as a word to anyone, even his family. He simply packed up his things and left.

    For a few months, he lived homeless, drifting along the country, travelling by any means he could afford, hitching a free ride whenever it was possible, and working part-time jobs. Despite the happiness at finally being able to live his own life, he was troubled by his past; he would worry about his family, and wake up from nightmares of his father falling endlessly, calling out his name.
    He already thought he couldn't handle it; suicide seemed to be more and more tempting, a clean getaway from the guilt and worry and all the recurring nightmares. But then, wouldn't everything he did be in vain?
    He was still dwelling on that when he first reached Zone 3. The fancy resorts, the amazing construction of the amusement parks, the high-class hotels... it dazzled him. And enraged him. The comparison to their life in Zone 3... was nonexistent. The people there... they did not care. They didn't have a worry in the world, all they did was enjoy the selected assortment of the finest joys of life, kick back and relax as everyone around him scurried back and forth to their beckoning.
    That sight made him reconsider many things. In a way, it represented what he had hoped to achieve by fleeing his former life and leaving it behind; and yet now, he knew that something like that is beyond his reach. For one, because he knows. The greatest gift of those people is their ignorance; their ability to simply not know, and to ignore everyone else except themselves and their carnal needs. But on the other hand, he does not wish to be like that... he hated them, hated them all...

    What followed in his life was a very confused period during which he'd slink in and out of Zone 3 like a moth attracted to the flame, getting scorched and returning again. It drew him close, and yet he hated it. Eventually, during one of his odd jobs, a hotel manager noticed him and asked to speak with him. After discovering his perfect polished manners, the manager was adamant about hiring him as a waiter - well, to be quite frank, a waiter is a very loose definition of what that job entitled. In the end, he accepted it; he figured a steady job wouldn't hurt him after all, if it's here. The pay was good too; the duties were a little strange, but nothing he could deal with it.
    Perhaps "strange" should be clarified further; the manager had a rather unique idea of how her hotel should be run, after all. The waiters she had hired were all males, and all exceptionally handsome, and none had the same hair or eye color. Makoto was her crown jewel though; his looks bearing traces of his mixed descent gave him a unique, slightly exotic look that seemed to be quite popular with the always-bored customers. Of course, Makoto was a way too plain and hard-to-pronounce name in her opinion; so she gave him a new name that he was to use at work. He merely shrugged and accepted the name Akira as his own; the woman seemed to know what she was doing anyway.
    It turned out that the hotel was rather on the borderline with a host club; it was not uncommon for customers to request a specific waiter, and hardly considered rare for their designated waiter to sit with them at the table for a while to alleviate their boredom. Nightly visits were also not unheard of, but that was to stay behind closed doors and spoken about in silent whispers.

    Makoto - or actually, Akira now, as he took upon the name more or less completely - became absorbed into this world. He practiced his perfect smile, polite flattery and seductive glances. He did whatever he liked to; he soon grew to learn that his looks combined with a smile and a few words well-woven together allowed him to get away with anything. In his private life, however, he grew to be more and more of an opposite of how he was at work. He rarely smiled, didn't care for anything or anyone, and let his carnal desires dictate his life.

    Every few months or so, a customer would mysteriously go missing, never to be found. No one ever got to know what happened to them... except Akira, of course, but he surely wasn't one to flaunt his rather unique past-time activities to others. They were quickly forgotten anyway, and no one ever suspected a thing when he'd send a person's worth of weight in savory meat to Zone 4, merely patted his shoulder and told him what a generous personality he had. This strange past-time activity of his is not as much of a hobby as it is a form of release - a way to unload the stress caused from inconsistencies and contradictions in his personality and thinking. It has even come to it that he does not remember what exactly had happened; this phenomenon is not a lapse of consciousness, a case of split personality or anything as scientific, it's actually his brain omitting the memory in a last-resort attempt to save him. It should be noted, however, that the disappearances have drastically decreased ever since his first time entering the ZERO world, perhaps offering him a different, slightly less lethal form of relief.

    [update 1/22/2013] summarizing his time from early October till now, and the changes those events have caused within him]

    Working in the cafe of the Paradise resort as well as occasionally helping out on the buffet floor, he was in a perfect position to meet and observe many of the fellow zeroes during the event the World had prepared for them to introduce new players. He met many during that time, most of which he'd grown to have a lovely relationship of mutual despise with, and also some that managed to shake his firm fašade and question his way of living and distancing himself.

    Due to a series of coincidences, he had became a one-week slave to Nyx, which ended up blooming into a relationship of mutual irritation that somehow managed to grow into an awkward friendship. For some reason probably only known to him, Akira thinks that Nyx's reactions are cute, especially when she's irritated, but at the same time he doesn't have the urge to break her; he just teases her, but if things got serious, he'd protect her with his life if needed.

    During the same period of time, he met Floyde; initially one of the customers in the cafe, he was marked as 'posh pampered pretty boy' immediately, resulting in Akira happily toying with him - until things somehow got past toying, and when he noticed he was getting dangerously attached, it was already too late. With the help of the Halloween celebration that had them stuck together on top of the Ferris Wheel, they somehow managed to initiate an actual relationship; however, it had become strained later on since it was based off a physical relationship. Said fact resulted in a tremendous fight that had them both breaking down eventually, with Akira finally admitting that he loves the other - as much as he had thought he would never in his life utter those words. They're now moving to another chapter, with Akira leaving his former job mostly due to Floyde, although they're still experiences difficulties occasionally due to miscommunication and over-thinking.

    These newly formed relationships caused Akira's walls he had toward people to break down significantly, resulting in him being more open and honest even with other people. However, as positive as the decrease in the frequency of him putting up a fašade is, it also means that he simply does whatever he feels like for the most part, be it morally appropriate or not - including being all touchy-feely and clingy in public.

    In december, Akira left his job as a waiter /host at the cafe of the Paradise resort, and with the money he had managed to save up (due to his salary being pretty high because of the type of work, and tips being rather frequent as well as generous), he bought a small place in Zone 2. The place used to be a restaurant, so it only needed a little renovating; now, it his his very own quaint little restaurant called 'Cerulean Perfection' (name is courtesy of Floyde, who was asked to pick it). The first floor has three tables for two (that can be rearranged together), and a bar where people sit and chat with him while he cooks - he is the sole staff of the place, just managing to handle everything somehow. He lives on the floor above the restaurant; it's rather small and simplistic, but he's happy - he loves cooking, and his derisive personality it slowly starting to soften and reflect the inner happiness he feels at seeing someone smile because of the food he makes.

    [update 6/18/2013]
    In the last six months, Akira has experienced several events that affected him and his way of living drastically.
    Firstly, he encountered his very first long-term event of being locked in Zero (as well as his first Game, later on), and for the first time learned that he can go blind with the overuse of his weapon. The fact that he had spend more than half of a month-lasting event blind and helpless caused him a fair amount of frustration, and resulted in him adopting a more economic attitude regarding the usage of his rifle. The mansion also served as grounds for his first proper lesson in jealousy, resulting in him shooting Alicia dead as well as paralyzing Charlotte - something for which he most likely has something coming in return when he encounters them next. Last but not least, he also experienced the fear of losing someone important to him, as he had attacked Nyx due to not recognising her changed form. Somehow, they managed to resolve the issue and let's hope that this stupid boy learns from it.
    On April 8th, Floyde (his lover) died. It took Akira a good month to just face and accept the fact, and he seemed to be but a shadow of his former self. The loss affected him greatly, and he still blames himself for his death - because he wasn't there when it happened, even though he promised that he won't let him die, that they would protect each other. He still has regrets, thinking of all the things he still wanted them to do together - as silly as it is, one of the things he regrets most is that in the entire time they were together, Floyde never got to eat his cooking - but he's grateful for the time that they had. The guilt is gradually transforming into pure hatred for The World (as he believes that "The World killed him", and afterwards his own form changed as if mocking him), fueling his determination for his goal (aka pipedream): to destroy The World, whatever it takes.
    He's back into his habit of sleeping around randomly in order to dull the pain of loss, although he is aware that it's a bad habit (and potentionally risky for his health, but he just can't bring himself to care about that). Gradually, he is moving on because he knows Floyde wouldn't want him to throw his life away like this, and because Nyx slapped some sense into him (and is just simply there for him). It's going to take quite some time though, and during this phase he is more unapproachable than before, as he feels vulnerable and thus in turn acts more antagonisingly towards people in general.

L I K E S & D I S L I K E S :
      & doing whatever he feels like in the moment
      & seeing arrogant people humiliated and/or in pain
      & sweets
      & cooking
      & thunderstorms
      & small animals

      & restrictions & rules
      & (unknown) people touching him
      & people getting attached to him (with few exceptions)
      & food being thrown away
      & food being burned
      & seeing animals being mistreated
      & cheesecake (not really dislike, he just can't eat it anymore)

E T C. :
    He is very passionate about cooking, and probably gets the closest to his former self in front of others (unknown people) when doing so.
    He loves to tease people, and make them squirm a little, using the power of words, voice intonation and expression freely at his disposal.
    There are jingle bell strapped on his left leg of zero form, which makes a faint sound anytime he moves.
    He is practised in parkour and able to climb pretty much anything, but is physically relatively weak, and could not defend himself even against an average-built person with no weapon. --gained some muscle due to having to do menial work around his restaurant
    He has a single wing in his zero form, and no, he cannot fly - he does use it to prolong and heighten his jumps though, and add speed to his evasive moves whenever necessary. However, it tires him out more than using other muscles of his body.
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