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[Lex-Ferenda] Julius Seavers by amashimono [Lex-Ferenda] Julius Seavers by amashimono
reuploading because I sort of deleted the deviation whoops
also I'm redrawing him because this drawing is shit, should be done in a few days sigh

yes it’s another boy I am in gomens |||orz

ɤ   ›NAME:
    Julian Gaius Seavers

ɤ   ›AGE:
    14 years

ɤ   ›HOUSE:

    December 28th

    168 cm /54 kg

ɤ   ›PET (optional):
    Name: Nike
    Species: Siberian cat
    Gender: Female
    Age: 4 years
    Personality: affectionate | overprotective | unfriendly towards strangers | cuddly | attention-seeking
    Nike is Julian’s third pet; he received her as a kitten, and she has been with him for the last four years.

    Wood: Hazel ♦ Core: Unicorn Hair ♦ Length ♦ 13 ¾ in ♦ Flexibility: Unyielding

    Lumos  ♦ a light creation spell used to illuminate the tip of the caster’s wand.
    Nox ♦ counter-spell to Lumos.
    Diffindo ♦ also known as the severing charm, used to precisely and accurately cut something.
    Illegibilus ♦ a spell used to render a text illegible.
    Impedimenta ♦ the impediment jinx, capable of tripping, freezing, binding, knocking back and generally impeding the target’s progress towards the caster.
    Depulso ♦ banishing charm, the opposite of the summoning charm; used to repulse objects away from the caster.

    Electives ♦ Care of Magical Creatures, Study of Ancient Runes
    Extra Curricular ♦ Quidditch (Beater), Ancient Studies; (backup if he doesn’t make it to the team: Earth Magic)

    Quiet | Calm | Ambitious | Observant | Aloof | Finicky | Self-sufficient | Seemingly Naïve | Vengeful

    At first sight, Julian is one of those quiet students who rarely speak or show any sort of emotions, self-sufficient and keeping to themselves most of the time while avoiding actively participating in social events. He seems calm to the point where one would wonder if anything can debilitate him and cause him to show some sort of human emotion, or provoke a change in his expression or manner of speech. The truth is far from this image of an unfeeling, statue-like boy, though – it is merely that he’s rather good at controlling his emotions, and not very good at expressing them. The opportunities when one might observe a change in his expressions are not as rare as one might think, either; he would often show a kind smile to an animal, or express enjoyment while playing Quidditch (which, incidentally, is probably the only time when his facial expressions are completely lax and unguarded).

    He is aloof, but not detached from society. While he generally prefers interacting with animals, he does not underestimate human relationships, and spends a lot of his time observing others; it’s as if he’s always somewhere in the background, and his classmates have mostly gotten so used to his presence that they often do not notice him. Thus, he has learned of a few secrets already – secrets which he carefully guards for the day when they will come in handy. In that aspect, he truly is a Slytherin, although he’s been told before that he should’ve been sorted in Ravenclaw – but what peole do not see, is his ambitious nature to rise above them, although he prefers the power of the one who controls everything from the shadows to the one who rules openly.

    Because of his manner of speech (broken up and somewhat slow), he is often thought to be rather naïve; that is, however, far from the truth except in some areas (one of them being romantic relationships, which leave him completely clueless). He prefers to keep that appearance, though; it saves him a lot of trouble, and allows him to keep his low profile.

    He is surprisingly finicky; that goes especially in regards to his food and sleeping place. Different foods must not mix on the plate; if there is, for example, a drop of sauce on the potato, he considers it ‘contaminated’ and will refuse to eat it. He would also often arrange the food on his plate in a certain order, although only he knows what strange rules determine that order. Similarly, he is particular about his bed and its surroundings, needing to have everything in their rightful places or else he might refuse to go to sleep. When he was a child, his parents replaced his old pillow with a new one without telling him in advance; he slept on the floor for three days before accepting the new situation.

    Despite his overall calm attitude towards everyone and everything, which is very rarely interrupted by a fit of anger, he is extremely vengeful, and will remember an injustice or a misdeed done against him for years to come, and most likely retaliate eventually (although it might take so long that no one except him would still remember the event that triggered this vengeance).

    The Seavers family is known as one of Britain’s pureblood wizarding families. The truth is, however, that they have not quite managed to maintain the purity of the wizarding blood completely throughout the years – the reason for being included among the purebloods lies mostly in their capability to conceal the non-magical folk within their ancestry exceedingly well.

    To tell Julian’s story in full, one must start with his mother; she was a squib, born in the Seavers family which valued few things more than their reputation, and due to those circumstances the girl always lived in the shadow of her older sister and younger brother. She was even rarely allowed to show in public with the rest of her family. Throughout most of her childhood, Madeline felt isolated, incompetent and overlooked; and perhaps that is why she focused so hard on her studies, aiming to get her parents attention and prove her worth that way – the muggle way.

    Her plan did not quite succeed; however, it ended in a relatively happy marriage with Henry Rennoll, a historian and co-worker at her first workplace (a private highschool). She became a successful researcher, and even though her efforts and achievements did not mean much to her parents, being mere muggle-world accomplishments, she found satisfaction in her life nonetheless.

    A single child was born from their union; initially, they wanted to name him Gaius Julius after the famous Roman general, statesman and consul (Caesar), but they figured it would be too strange and could cause him to be made fun of by his peers, and thus altered it to Julian Gaius (opting out for a more ‘regular’ first name while keeping a latin middle name). Not much can be said about the majority of the boy’s childhood, at least not until the age of 11; he was an introvert child with a somewhat dysfunctional family, and yet it would be a lie to say that he was not happy.

    They might not have spent a lot of time together, they might not have been talking a lot – but they shared a special family bond, cared for each other and were happy in their own strange way. In addition, he quickly started showing preference towards spending his time interacting with animals rather than humans, which inspired his parents to get him a pet – a Russian Blue cat, which the father named Hel. Sadly, she was ran over by a speeding car and died when Julian was only 9; he received a hamster after that, which he named Doom in a fit of inspiration (aka sudden brain fart), but that one died prematurely as well, succumbing to a disease. At the age of 10, his parents bought him a new cat, and she’s been with him ever since, a better friend that any of his peers ever was.

    When the letter from Hogwarts came, their lives turned upside-down in an instant. His father was confused, his mother was anxious, and he would stare at the letter and read it over and over in semi-disbelief, as in making sure it was not all just a dream. Surely enough, he remembered having a faint feeling that he was different from others somehow – that the most random things sometimes seemed to happen surprisingly according to his will (like an imperfectly balanced straw falling to the opposite side to where it should’ve fallen by reasonable judgement). Along with that, the fact that his name was chosen to resemble that of the legendary Ceasar, he felt as if he was somehow destined for greatness – but he never would have thought it would lie in something as incredible as magic.

    His mother, knowing full well that she cannot aid her son in this matter, contacted her estranged family, and her elder sister Cadence, a snobbish witch dedicated to keeping up the appearances of the ‘pureblood’ Seavers family, arrived in a few days to escort Julian on his first trip to Diagon Alley. Unknown to him at the time, this sudden reappearance of magical blood within the abandoned, non-magical branch of the family, caused not just an argument, but almost a war between his parents and grandparents, the latter insisting that he should be removed from his filthy muggle father and incompetent squib mother, and sent to live with the wizarding part of his relatives. His parents, however, would not give in under any circumstances; and eventually, they managed to strike a deal – provided that bears the last name of Seavers instead of his father’s muggle surname, hides the fact that his parents are non-magical, and protects the honour of the family by doing well in his studies, he would be allowed to stay with his family.

    The child did as instructed; it was not hard for an introvert child to keep a secret, although he found it confusing having to suddenly change his last name to his mother’s maiden name – but he adapted quickly enough, and learned to evade personal questions, especially those of some of his fellow Slytherins inquiring more profoundly about his lineage. It was only in third year, when his mother feared that her son might fail one of his classes (Potions), that he was told the reason why he had to do so, and why he was asked to do well in all his subjects – despite being treated so badly by her own parents, his mother did not wish him to hate them, and kept the reason from him for that purpose, only telling him when she felt it was necessary.

    Apart from barely avoiding receiving failing marks in his third year, however, he’s been successfully passing all of his classes. Even though he performs rather poorly at Potions and less than average at Transfiguration, his good work and prowess mainly in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms make up for it. Incidentally, his best subject is actually Care for Magical Creatures – but that is not something highly valued by the magical part of his family, and he’s often told by his aunt (who still assists him with school-related matters such as shopping at the Diagon Alley) that he should ‘drop it for a subject worthy of a wizard’.

ɤ   ›VOICE:
    His voice is very much like Yoshimasa Hosoya’s: [ example ] [ example when angered ]
    He generally speaks in a soft manner as shown in the first example, especially when talking to animals; when conversing with other people, he tends to break his sentences into parts, as if needing to think every few words. It is rare to hear him raise his voice in anger, but he can sound rather threatening and commanding when he does.
    I apologize for providing a Japanese voice for an English-speaking character, but I simply do not know many English voice actors, while I am rather familiar with the Japanese seiyuu. I AM GOMEN

    Likes ♦ all sorts of animals, peace and quiet, Quidditch, observing
    Dislikes ♦ monotonous work, getting dragged into trouble, being asked personal questions, hot weather

ɤ   ›FAMILY:
    Madison Rennoll, born Seavers (Mother); squib from a (more or less) pure-blood family (they had some minor ‘impurities’ along the line, so to say, but they are extremely good at keeping such things under the carpet)
    Majored in Chemistry; works as a researcher and is rarely at home
    Henry Rennoll, (Father); muggle
    Historian; immersed in the past rather than worrying about the future
    Cadence Seavers, (Aunt); witch
    A snobbish middle-aged witch, his mother’s older sister; helps him out with school-related matters such as shopping at the Diagon Alley.

    ♦ tba

    ♦ He has two piercings on his left ear – one is a hanging silver cross (not a catholic cross), and the other in a simple ring-type cartilage piercing. They’re both relatively fresh, as he only got them last year in memory of his dead pets; his first cat, Hel (named by his father), who was ran over by a car, and his hamster pet Doom (named by Julian when he was 10 and was… well, having a certain phase).
    ♦ He both looks and thinks rather maturely for his age, the latter perhaps the result of never having much company of children his own age.
    ♦ He has a tendency to compare people with animals in his mind; thus, he actually has a soft spot for people who seem to act like cats to him.
    ♦ He enjoyed learning how to fly with brooms tremendously, and thus got into Qudditch – at first just as sort of a pastime, joining in casual makeshift off-court games with his housemates (one of the few social gatherings in which he’d actively participate), but he soon wanted to try for the team. He tried in his second year, as soon as allowed, but didn’t make it in; however, when he tried in his third year again, he successfully got hold of one of the Beater spots, cleared by a graduating seventh year.
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CaphireDream Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This isn't shit I think its drawn very well. I love the expression he has with his cat and her name too <3 And his profile is written very well. Makes me want to go back and redo mine cause its horribly written >_< 
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yoooo ama-
Congratulations on getting into the group. 
I hope you'll have a lot of fun and good luck!
amashimono Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank bby ; v;
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
How have you been man?
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amashimono Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
been okay, just sooooo many things going on omg
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Ah, always a lot of things hmm? 
Same pretty much, school and job hunting and whatnot,
a lot to do, but thankfully break soon for me after this weekend. 
Are you on winter break yet?
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